Careers with Ketosource

We are a small, exciting and fast-growing company. We are interested in candidates with a great fit, drive and passion who are as passionate about what we do as we are. If this is you, please email your details to regardless of whether you see a position that’s a good fit for you below or not.

Great companies are built with great people. If you are great, we want to hear from you!

Current Open Positions

Keto / Health Optimization Coaches

Are you inspired by the benefits of ketogenic diets and ketones? Do you have a nutritionist background? Do you have a good understanding of keto principles? Or are you just extremely motivated to learn about it? We are looking for people who can get people to their goals in a simple practical, yet data-driven where necessary, manner. Training with our methods will be included. Please contact with your details.

Functional Medicine/ Metabolism Researcher

Do you have a strong health science background? Do you read research papers and dig into the details? Do you like problem-solving? We are looking for an exceptional person to work in our team in areas such as product design (ensuring that products have end-functional benefits), research and writing articles and updates on research. Please contact with your details.

Food Scientist

We are currently looking for a full time food scientist with a strong understanding of food, drink and snack design principles, whilst also being able to innovate and work with ingredient limitations (e.g. clean label, biological functional requirements of the food).

To apply please send your details and interest to .