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We are a small, exciting and fast-growing company with a mission to make a positive impact on the fitness, supplement and food industries.

We are interested in people with drive, curiosity and a passion for practical results and the truth.

If this is you, please email your details to regardless of whether you see a position that’s a good fit for you below or not.

Great companies are built with great people. If you are great, we want to hear from you!

Current Open Positions

Chief Science Officer

Do you have a strong record of research in fields related to ketogenic diets, fasting, and ketosis? Are you interested in the field of bioinformatics? And the use of crowd-sourced data to push knowledge and insights forward?

Are you ready to lead a team of research analysts, consultants and bioinformaticians working and gathering data directly from clients and building tools to produce insights from data?

We are looking for a unique individual ready to lead the way in leveraging new data and tools to bring practical new insights to the field.

Please contact with your details.


Are you inspired by the benefits of ketogenic diets, fasting and ketones? Do you have a nutritionist background? Have you delved into the science and read the studies? Do you have a good understanding of keto principles?

We are looking for people to join our growing coaching & research practice who can get people to their goals in a simple practical, yet data-driven where necessary, manner. Training with our methods and systems will be included.

Please contact with your details.

Research Analysts

Do you have a strong biochemistry science background? Do you read research papers and dig into the details? Do you geek out on data and understanding what is actionable vs. not? Do you like problem-solving?

We are looking for exceptional minds to work in our team to support research in areas from our coaching programs, to writing evidence-based articles and updates on research. Additionally, you may undertake projects providing input into product design (ensuring that products have end-functional benefits).

Please contact with your details.

Medical Consultant

Are you a qualified and experienced physician/ doctor in the UK? Are you inspired by the growing research on the therapeutic benefits of ketogenic diets, fasting and ketones for a variety of medical conditions? Are you a problem solver? Do you read research and are you ready to challenge your existing ideas to find the truth and what actually helps your patients? Are you data driven and understand the latest lab tests, their weaknesses, and strengths?

We are looking for a uniquely motivated and qualified individual to consult with patients and help them manage their conditions leveraging ketone research where appropriate and combining with other functional medicine practices.

Please contact with your details.

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Ketosource is looking for a Chief Supply Chain Officer with the drive and experience to help us build a world-class supply chain infrastructure for our supplement, food and drink products.

Your goals for the position will be to:

  • Ensure the highest standards of quality and cost effective production
  • Scale production rapidly to meet sales growth
  • Build out a global fulfilment network

This is a broad role that provides exposure to many facets of the business, will position you as part of the leadership team and working directly with the CEO.

To apply please send your details and interest to .

Chief Food Scientist

We are currently looking for a full-time food scientist with a strong understanding of food, drink and snack design principles, whilst also being able to innovate and work with ingredient limitations (e.g. clean label, biological functional requirements of the food).

To apply please send your details and interest to .