We get a lot of enquiries about the status of Ketone Salts in the UK and EU and why we stopped selling them in these countries in 2016.

In August 2016 we were notified by the UK’s Foods Standards Agency that Ketone Salts could not be sold in the UK or EU due to their “Novel Food” status.

“Ketone Salts” have been classified as a Novel Food in the EU (basically means that it is a new food ingredient) because they were not solid in the EU (including the UK) prior to 15 May 1997.

Because of this Ketone Salts have to go through a novel foods application and safety assessment process before they can be sold in the UK/ EU. Ketosource ltd is still evaluating how we should navigate the novel foods application as it is a costly process and requires a substantial amount of literature and safety research to be established.

Ketone Esters are in the middle of this ‘safety process’. Professor Kieran Clarke of the company TΔS (TdeltaS) started this application prior to 2014 (see here for application). However, they have not yet been successful with this process, providing an example of how long, and costly the process can be.

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For further information about the status of Ketone Salts in the UK/ EU, you can contact Novel Foods at the Food Standards Agency directly via the following contact details:

Ruth Willis
Senior Novel Food Policy Analyst
Radiological and Novel Food Policy
Food Standards Agency
Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6NH
Phone: 020 7276 8716