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  • Pure C8 MCT Oil | By KetoPerformance

    From: £15.49 – subscription plans available from £15.49 £14.72 / month

    Up to 3x more concentrated in caprylic acid than MCT oils Rapidly increases blood ketones within 15 minutes More easily digested than standard MCT oils Low insulin response compared to other MCTs (C10, C12) and coconut oil Provides fast alternative energy source to glucose for cognitive and athletic enhancement GMO Free | Dairy Free |…

  • Keto Bars

    From: £2.98

    1 Bar - 47 g Keto bars are a convenient keto friendly snack for those on ketogenic diets Bars contain 19g fat, 7g protein and 2g net carbs in each bar Gluten-free, no added sugar Sweetened with Stevia only

  • Brain Octane Oil contains 1 bottle (16oz/473ml) or (32oz/946ml) of Upgraded Brain Octane 18x more concentrated in caprylic fatty acids than coconut oil Sourced from 100% sustainable coconut palms Made entirely from C-8 medium chain triglycerides Effective source for immediate and long-term energy Rapidly metabolises into ketones, providing fast energy to the brain without using…

  • 10 Ketone Test Strips for use with the FreeStyle Optium and FreeStyle Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter Easy to use, fast results

  • Oxaloacetate 30 Capsules | by BenaGene

    £35.97 – subscription plans available from £35.97 £34.17 / month

    BenaGene Oxaloacetate reduces high blood sugar levels and blood sugar variability. Acts as an anti-oxidant with protection for brain, eye and pancreatic islet cells. Helps in protecting mitochondria DNA. Each BenaGene capsule contains 100mg of thermally stabilized oxaloacetate.

  • KetoCaNa is an exogenous ketone body beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in powdered sodium and calcium form It contains 11.7 grams of Beta Hydroxybutyrate per serving. Paleo, Keto and Vegan friendly Can prevent the formation of free radicals Comes in a powder form that allows for better solubility and transport throughout the body Has a natural orange flavour…

  • Keto OS increases blood ketone levels in the body. Improves mental performance during Keto-adaptation May reduce keto flu symptoms like insomnia, fatigue & brain fog Incremental discounts apply to purchases of 3, 15 and 30 packets. 30 packet option comes in box format. Currently Available: Version 2.1 Orange Dream of Keto OS. 1 Packet is…

  • Fushi Organic Ghee is made from milk of grass fed pastured cows. Dairy free (milk proteins /solids removed via ghee clarification process).

  • Provides instant energy Helps to maintain focus Supports on-the-go and low-carb lifestyle

  • Ketoforce is a liquid exogenous ketone Body Beta-HydroxyButyrate (BHB) source in Sodium and Potassium salt form It increases the levels of blood ketones for 2.5-3.0 hours after ingestion Consumed during the initial stages of a ketogenic diet (three times a day for first 2-3 days) to accelerate ketosis and ease metabolic transition To enhance performance,…

  • MCT Oil Powder is formed by micro-encapsulation with Soluble Corn Fibre to deliver the oil in a convenient powder form. Reduced GI disturbance compared to MCT oil products, thus allowing you to increase intake. With higher intakes, e.g. 8 servings in day, effectively raises blood ketone levels.

  • Combines C8, C10 and C12 fatty acids in an MCT powder form Increases blood ketones via MCTs Designed as a creamer for coffee or other hot drinks Keto Kreme is a gluten-free & dairy-free product